The Vision

we are no Einstein but we think we got it figured out ...

emotions equals sences times
the experience squared
E = s X2

no one knows what it means, but it's provocative


what is yet to come

we don't own any properties yet, but here are three locations we are focused on
hang tight, we are coming to these places soon

The Hamptons, NY

Neither snow nor rain nor heat will take anything from the Hamptons. Enjoy the food, drink some wine and scoot around.

Woodstock, NY

Fantastic group of people in this gem of a place. We love the air and the athmosphere year around. We'll be there, count us in.

Cape Cod, MA

How do you not fall in love with this magical shore? We grew up here. Enjoy it in the summer, we'll be there.


we can invest in your business

We are who we are, if you like what we do touch base with us. We can provide branding, financing and management experience. We are always looking for investments, but if you are not looking to sell but want to improve your current hospitality business we can discuss partnership opportunities ...


we would love to buy your property

always feel free to reach out to us, but here are some of the key points


This is extremely important to us, it has to be good. We will look for proximity to nice destinations and access to good food.


We are not fussed over the current state of your property. As long as it can be upgraded, we don't care how old or dingy it is. We'll fix it.


Size matters to us. We don't want it too small and expect to have a certain amount of cashflow. Our target is 20-50 keys.


This is all relative and there are many factors that goes in to our evaluation, but in general we are looking to invest anywhere between $1M to $7M.


While we don't care about status-quo, we want to see some amenities. This could be views, a pool, meeting space or even vacant land.

Unique Opportunities

You know your property and market better than us. If you have an idea and for some reason can't get it off the ground, we are all ears.

Our Partners

local and responsibily sourced

We work closely with our suppliers, friends and partners to curate the best possible experience for our users.